Sunday, November 3, 2013

Boy, oh Boy am I glad this week is over! I'm sure many of you can agree. There was SOOOOO much going on this week. How many of you need an extra day to catch up? *Hand raised over here* 

Here is a peek of what we did this week. 

Vehicle Day

Our school had vehicle day. I LOVED this activity. The kids loved it more. We had many volunteers from our county stop by to educate our little ones. I had my kiddos take notes for each vehicle. We created an art piece and a writing piece when we went back to the classroom. 

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere....

Who had a BLAST with pumpkins this week? I know we did! 

Measuring, weighing, graphing, OH MY! 


We started multiplication this week. We just dabbled into it (there was so much going on). To help my kiddos understand multiplication, and have some fun, I created a Monster Multiplication Pack. Filled with centers and games.Check it out {here}.

Of course there is a freebie included in this pack. Head on over to my store to check it out! 

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