Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to instill kindness in your classroom


Welcome to another Friday. Friday the 13th, the day before V-day, and a 3 day weekend. Wow. 

I'm going to be talking to you about Kindness. I truly believe this is something lacking in the world. Here are some tips on how to instill some kindness in your classroom. 

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Our guidance sent us this amazing kindness video. We've watched it at least twice a day this whole week. My kiddos B-E-G to watch it! Check it out. Click here.

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  This is my kindness pack that I created last year. I revamped it. I love all the new graphics. Your kiddos will love it too. Read below to find out what is included. It is a game-changer for my class.

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This is our kindness writing. We explored what kindness is and wrote about it.
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We then took our kindness pledge. Each kiddo received a personalized kindness pledge mini-certificate. The kiddos were very excited to sign this pledge and received their certificates. It solidified that they have made a kindness commitment.

I hung up the kindness pledge posters/poems and our signed kindness pledge. Everyone in 3rd grade is now able to see our pledge. We also started filling out our kindness bees. Every time someone does something nice for them, they write that act of kindness on a bee.

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 Another part of my Kindness pack goes along with Kid President. The students voted on what we will say more often this week. They picked "You can do it!". I think this is a great pick. Each week, we will vote on another phrase to say more often. 

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

A mini unit on Ruby Bridges



I'm proud to join up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a special 5 for Friday. Today I will be sharing our mini unit on Ruby. Everything I did was free! 

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We started off with reading the book, The Story of Ruby Bridges. We were lucky enough to have a class set of this award winning book. 

Don't have the book? No worries, you an find it being read online. Click here.

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WE then went into a discussion session. A HUGE one. Their ideas and words touched my heart. Some of the kids didn't grasp how Ruby must of felt. So I showed a quick clip of the of movie of Ruby Bridges. I just showed the part where she went to school for the first time. After I showed the clip, the discussion continued. I heart my kids!

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We then moved into character traits. I had the kiddos work together to find character traits of Ruby. They used sticky notes to write the trait. They also had to write the evidence to support the trait they picked AND provide the page number. 

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WE then came together whole group and placed our sticky notes on an anchor chart that I created. I got the idea from Learning with Firsties

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Finally, we created an opinion writing piece on the character trait that best showed who Ruby was as a person. They had to support their opinion with evidence. I love how this cuties turned out!

I have one more thing for you all. Three Ruby Bridges Response to Literature Lesson Plans (for free). Click here to download them!

Happy Friday everyone!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Currently


Hello February. I can't believe it has been a month since I blogged. Life has gotten so busy! Seriously people. I hate that I've slacked. I'll try to be better. 
 1. I love this show. My daughter likes it, but not as much as me LOL. 
2. The weather in Florida has been perfect. I'm so lucky to live here. 
3. I battle this every week. Then I tell myself that I need to get a head start during the week, but I never do. Will it ever change?
4. We found a home. I love it. Now we are waiting for everything to go through. They told us the projected closing date is March 16th. That is forever away!
5. Who's with me on this? Someone to help me with work would be awesome!
6. I hate that people send their kids to school sick. Go away germs. People also need to learn to chew the right way. Yuck. Liars are the worst. Just tell the truth people.

There ya have it folks. Thanks for stopping by. Happy February!