Friday, January 3, 2014

Five for Friday

My first Five for Friday post. Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting a great linky party.

I want to thank all my loyal IG followers.

I'm so close to reaching my 500 milestone. Can't wait. IG really is the fastest way to connect with other teachers. Wanna join in on the fun? Click {here}.

Baby's first plane ride. She was an angel. We went to Ohio! 

Mommy and Daddy were bored on the plane. LOL. Gotta love being goofy together. 

While in Ohio, we decided to celebrate Christmas (again). We had a great time with our wonderful family. We created a new tradition. Mexican food on Christmas. Yum Yum!!!

Baby got spoiled. What did she choose to play with? The boxes! LOL. 

What is a trip to Ohio in the winter without snow?

This is baby's first snow. How magical! It was my first time being in snow that I remember. We absolutely loved it. It was snow much fun (hehe get it?). 

Baby girl has a new obsession. Tea Time With Tayla. She sings, claps, and dances with her. Tayla is on YouTube. If you have a little one, her channel is surely one to check out. Click {here} to get to Tayla's channel.

I'm so sad that our vacation is over. Living far away from family is so hard. Why does time go by faster when we're on vacation?

 I hope you and your family had a wonderful New Year. 


  1. I can totally relate. Time passes so quickly on vacation. Glad you enjoyed your time in Ohio.

    The Teaching Twosome

    1. Thanks Shannon. Glad to be home, but wish I could do it all again.

  2. Love the look of your blog! It's so bright and cheerful. I'm getting a new blog design and title and everything later this month, so I'm waiting to start the whole teacher instagram thing until then.
    Gig ‘Em Teacher

    1. Hi Angela. Thanks so much! Your blog is adorable just the way it is. I can't wait to see what it will look like after a make-over. I just started following your blog. Instagram has truly been a life saver for me. There are SOOOO many great ideas right there at your finger tips. When I find something I like, I just take a screen shot of it.

  3. Hi Mary!
    Your daughter is adorable! I'm gonna have to check out Tayla soon with my little guy.
    Love your blog design...gotta love Megan!
    Proud to be Primary

    1. Hi Elyse,

      I would love it if your son watched my show. Let me know if you get a chance to let him check it out … it would be great to hear what he thinks of it.

      Here's the link for him to watch on Youtube:

      - Tayla -

  4. Thanks sweety! Yes, Megan did an awesome job! Hope your little guy likes Tayla!

  5. Hi mary! Thanks for the mention on your blog. I'm glad your daughter enjoys my show! I see she's watching the animal songs video in that pic. That is a fun one! Tell her I said, "HELLO!"

    Thanks again.

    - Tayla -