Saturday, May 17, 2014

May Bright Ideas Blog Hop...The Chill-Out Zone!

Welcome to the May edition of the famous Bright Ideas Blog Hop. This month, I'm going to briefly tell you about the importance of a Chill-Out Zone in your room.

Chill out or what???????????
The above statement is SOOO much easier said then done! How many times a day do you hear, "___ is looking at me! ___ bumped into me on purpose. ____ was thinking about being in my general area and I don''t like it."? Okay, maybe not so much the last statement, but you get the point.

To us, these problems are small. They are trivial things. We know that these are things WE deal with on a daily basis in our adult life, yet we have no one to go to and tattle. To our little kiddos, these above daily occurrences are a huge deal. It truly upsets them. They have not yet learned to "deal" with it. We are there to teach them that. 

I know when I get overwhelmed, stressed, or I'm just done with the day, I go into my room and lay down and browse pinterest. In a few minutes, I'm back to the point where I can function. Well, kids need that special "spot" to go to as well. They too get overwhelmed and stressed. This is why it is important to create that "spot" for them in your room. 

This chill-out zone doesn't need to be anything fancy.

My Chill-Out Zone is very simple. It is a corner in my room. I've placed a few stuffed animals and balls in a bucket for the kids to use while "chilling out". I've also placed guidelines on how to use the area. For example, breathing exercise instructions and a time limit for the area. Students need to understand that the area is special and only used when absolutely necessary. My kiddos fully understand this. They also know that when they go into that area, I will not disturb them. Sometimes kids want to just be left alone. My kiddos usually go into the area in tears and return in a normal mood. 

The kiddos and I love having this area in our room!

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