Sunday, August 2, 2015

What you need to make this year the best back to school ever!

 I created the above picture because I believe it to be 100% truth. We all know that our hearts triple in size when we first meet out brand new little ones for the first time.

I've taken this whole summer off from blogging and TPT. What?! Why?! Well the answer is simple. Whenever I tried to work...

Something like this happens. Gotta love the attention seeking 2 year old!
Anyone else dealing with this? 

Well it is August now. Time to face reality. Back to school is two weeks away. How long for you?

Have you heard the news? A sale is going on! The annual Teachers Pay Teachers back to school sale. Now that puts a smile on this teacher's face. I love saving 28% on awesome products. 

I have tons of amazing Back To School resources that are sure to make this year the BEST Back To School ever! Click the picture about to check out all of my very BEST Back To School products.

Now for my favorite part of the month! Currently.

Smiles Makers is a club that me and one of my coworkers started. The mission was simple. MAKE PEOPLE SMILE! We did this by having teachers leave little notes on other teacher's doors. We also had a teacher of the week. Teachers would nominate each other during the week. The winner would receive the best parking spot at school for that week and flowers. This year, we are going bigger and stronger. Look for a post later this month!


  1. that picture of your kiddo! Your Smile Makers sounds super fun, great way to keep things positive at school!
    happy new school year!
    BigTime Literacy

  2. Hi Mary-Love your post-you are still the most creative teacher I know :o).......... Your beautiful little Princess is getting so big! Hope to get together with you this school year. Enjoy the countdown to the possibilities of the new year and please keep in touch. Love, Ms KW