Monday, November 17, 2014

Germs Germs Be Gone!!!

This time of year is for family traditions, home-cooked meals, Holiday parties, and to be close to those we love the most. 

Ah, yes, this time of year gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. Mainly because I'm running away from people that think it is okay to go out of their house sick. Especially the kiddos. 

I admit it, I'm a germaphobe. Ask anyone that knows me.

I've been sick 3 or 4 times this year. It is to the point that I don't have any sick days left. I'M SICK OF BEING SICK! 
I've come up with a way to cut down those germs in our classroom. I sure hope it works!!!
I'm just getting over strep. Fun times! 

I've sent several messages to my parents, while sick in bed, requesting Lysol Wipes and hand sanitizer. I think the parents are sick of their kids being sick as well because on my desk upon my return was exactly what I requested. That is just my first step of the plan. 

The next step is old-school. WASH YOUR HANDS!

I saw this glitter germ trick on Pinterest a LOOOONG time ago. If you know the person that created it, let me know so I can give credit where it is due.

I wanted to show how important it is to wash your hands with soap. 

I had the kids pour glitter on their hands. This represented "germs". 

We then washed our hands under water without soap. 

The glitter "germs" remained. This showed the kids that just using water will not get the germs off. 

I then had the kiddos wash their hands with soap. They scrubbed with soap while singing Happy Birthday. 

And like magic, all the glitter "germs" were gone. The kids were amazed. This mini lesson opened their eyes!

I explained that we will be washing our hands as a whole group numerous times a day. They were excited. They were even reminding me that we had to wash our hands. We set certain time periods to do this. Yes it takes up time, but I truly hope it is worth it in the end. I'll let you all know!

Thanks for stopping by! And stay healthy everyone! 


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