Saturday, November 1, 2014

Holidays Around the Blog....Hot Cocoa Themed Party

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Some of my sweetest TPT peeps are linking up to give you great holiday ideas for your classroom.
This is a special time of year. A time when family is number one and the kiddos are filled with joy. 
I have little tradition in my room. It allows parents to be with their kiddos and with each other and just enjoy themselves. 
I call it a Hot Chocolate Party. I live in an area where parent involvement is waaaay below average, but this party is always a hit. It usually draws in 90% attendance. 

I created this FREE editable invitation poster for you to use in your room. 
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SO what is a Hot Chocolate Party? It is a party with lots of hot cocoa (of course), lots of yummy treats, lots of holiday music, and a chance for your students to shine in front of their family. Oh, did I mention we are all in our PJs? We usually have grandparents, aunts, and even babysitters attend.
We welcome parents to the sound of holiday music, a slideshow of all the pictures taken throughout the year, and a cup full of scrumptious hot cocoa. Everyone mingles and eats to their hearts desire. 
After their bellies are full, I have the kiddos pull out some of their special projects from the year. They even show off their interactive notebooks and anything else they are proud of. 
Towards the end, I present a class project. A poem read by ALL the kiddos. In the past, I've recorded the students reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. The past few years, I've had them read the whimsical, Snowmen at Christmas. I've had parents cry while listening to their child's sweet voice. This year, I'm going to have the students create their own iMovie for their parents to watch.
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  1. This is a great idea Mary! I'm going to try to add it in to my plans this holiday. Thanks for working with me again!
    Take care, Amy

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