Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why Florida Teachers Are The Best...

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Okay, Okay, so we are not the best. But we are pretty darn close! Can you tell I'm biased to Florida? Florida teachers have been put through the ringer this year. Yet we still have a smile on our faces! 
On October 11, this fabulous group of Florida Teacher Bloggers met up at Sea World. 
Our goal was to meet and greet and have TONS of fun. Mission accomplished. 
This was our 2nd Florida Teacher Blogger Meet-Up. The first was back in March. 
I had the pleasure of co-hosting these 2 events with these wonderful ladies.
Amy from Learning Lessons with Mrs. Labrasciano  (right)
Melissa from More Time 2 Teach(middle) 
Bridget from Hardcore Teacher Resources
Lisa from Learning is Something to Treasure
Tammy from The Space Coast Teacher (left)
We have been planning this meet up since April! Yes April. We wanted to make this meet up special and meaningful AND we wanted everyone to go home with LOTS of goodies 
First up on the goodies list. Free shirts from (click the link below). Their shirts are gorgeous. Check them out!

Next up....BLING baby. Every teacher went home with a gorgeous bracelet, necklace, or earrings from Paper Virgo. 

What teacher doesn't drink coffee or tea? I've never come across anyone who hasn't. We were graciously donated these adorable coffee mugs from TREAT. They are the BEST way to start the day. Thanks TREAT

Seaworld Blogger Meet Up 2014 pic 6 JPEG 
Seaworld Blogger Meet Up 2014 pic 8 JPEG(Thanks Melissa for the wonderful pictures!)

This last giveaway that everyone received gave me warm teacher vibes. Everyone received a FREE year subscription to Haven't heard of them? You need to go check them out. I've been using them this whole school year and they have made lesson planning SOOO easy. 

Seaworld Blogger Meet Up 2014 pic 12 JPEG(Thank you Melissa for the picture)

Last, but not least, gourmet cupcakes. The best cupcakes I've ever eaten. Seriously people THE.BEST.EVER!
BlueBird Bake Shop donated enough cupcakes for each person to have at least 2. I may of had more...shhh. If you are ever in Orlando, stop by their bakery.

Displaying IMG_8767.jpg

There were a few extra goodies that we raffled off.

One was from Teacher Tees.

Displaying 20141013_215634_resized.jpg 

And the other from our very own talented Bridget.
 She hand paints her jewelry. Visit her store by clicking here.

Displaying IMG_8841.jpg  
(Thanks Amy for the picture)

 After the meet up, a bunch of us stayed in the park to have some more fun and get to know each other better. It was a magical fay filled with amazing people! Here are some pics below.

Displaying IMG_8796.jpg 

Displaying IMG_8805.JPG

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