Saturday, December 27, 2014

Out With The Old and In With The New


I've linked up with fellow Floridian, Susan, from Passion In Portable Land. She is hosting this end of the year linky. 

Questions to ponder as you remember...

1.  What were the best memories of 2014? 

There were so many great memories. The best were shared with my family at Sea World. As a teacher, I get in free, the baby is free, and Shane is a Pass-holder which MORE then pays for itself. 

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2.  What do you remember most about 2014?

I'll remember our Florida Teacher Blogger Meet-Ups. We are a special bunch of ladies.

Okay here we go:

1. I have Meniere's Disease. To sum it up, it is an inner ear problem that now has me getting dizzy out of nowhere, throwing up (bc of the dizziness), hearing loss in my right ear, ringing and fulness in my ears. There is no cure and no real treatment. To combat this, I've made some HUGE life changes. 
*No more than 1500mg of sodium intake a day. Seriously this is soooo hard. Everything has sodium in it.Muffins, pancakes, bread, EVERYTHING!

*This one kills me but, no more coffee! Yes I said it. I can't drink coffee! UGH! Apparently it is a trigger. BOOO.

*No more chocolate because of the caffeine. Another dagger to my heart. 

*Lessen my stress. Bahahaha. That is a funny one! How can I lower my stress as a teacher?! Well I gotta try. This one is my biggest trigger for attacks. 

Wish me luck on my journey! I need it.

2. Buy a HOUSE! I can't wait. We are just waiting on underwriting and then we can own look for homes. Wahoooo! 

There ya have folks. Join in on the fun and link up. 


  1. OMG! I would dye without coffee and chocolate! You have to replace those things with lots of quiet peaceful meditation! Yoga perhaps? Wine! How about Red Wine? We live so close, so I'm here for you. I have lots of red wine. House hunting is stressfull too! I see lots of meditation in your future.


  2. I too could not live without chocolate or coffee..... Wow... :o(

    Way cool that you have had some blogger meet-ups.... We haven't had any that I know of in Cali.... :o)

  3. I loved coming to the blogger meet-up! I need to add that to my post! I also wish you all the best with the dizziness - I have maldebarquement so I can relate. Where will you be looking for houses? That's so exciting!

  4. Hi Mary-Hope your school year is a very happy one so far...........miss you! Your original classroom materials are so creative and right on the mark. You are one awesome teacher!! Love, Ms KW