Sunday, October 11, 2015

Enhance your classroom style with amazing decals

Hi everyone. I need to take a moment and share the amazing work of Cano Designs. Not only is the work amazing, but the personal experience is great.

I was leery about the decals. I know from experience that they can be a PAIN to put on the wall. Not these! It went on SOOOO easily. Took less than 5 minutes to create an awesome new bulletin board.

Speech Bubble chalkboard labels 15 set, 3" x 2.5",  blackboard labels, personalized labels

I chose the speech bubbles. They are chalkboard, so they can be written on. I have two sizes, small and large. I couldn't decide which one I wanted. I LOVE them both! So do the kids! They love to write on them. I'll be using the speech bubbles for lots of projects throughout the year. 

Now, my favorite piece is the one below. It is stunning, gorgeous, and PERFECT. I can't say enough about Cano Designs. Head on over to Etsy and check out her store.

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