Friday, April 18, 2014

Ziggie Tales Book Tour

I'm SOOO excited to be part of this wonderful Book Tour by Kathleen Wainwright. She is a wonderful author for little ones. I was honored to be able to preview her latest book, Ziggie Tales: Ziggie's Big Adventure. I fell in love with this humorous chapter book. This is the perfect book to kick start your little ones' love of reading chapter books.

Are you thinking about owning a classroom pet? Are you scared that it might be too much responsibility on top of all the other things you have to do in the classroom?  Why not make the decision as a group? The book gives details on how Marley (the sweet, lovable, quirky main character) decided on the perfect pet for her and her family. Marley took the time to research different animals. She consulted with her best friend, Layla (the brainy, level-headed character) as to which animal its her the best. This book would be a perfect way to show your little ones how to choose the perfect class pet. Make this task a fun one (that you might be able to get a grade out of) by having groups of students research an animal they would want as a class pet. The group can put together a poster or other creative product to persuade the rest of the class to choose their animal.

I can honestly say that having a classroom pet is one of the best experiences I've had with my little ones. It taught them how to be responsible and how to show compassion.  It helped bring out smiles of my toughest students.

 See below for some more wonderful entries about Kathleen's latest book. Also, you can enter a chance to win a copy of this wonderful book! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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