Saturday, September 20, 2014

Create An Appleriffic Day & A New Way To Assess Students

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This is a 2 part blog post. Don't worry, it is short and sweet. 
Part 1:
 I started this yummy tradition last year. I had so much applicious fun, that I HAD to have an Apple Day this year. 
What is Apple Day?
It is a day to break free from the rigor of the day to day. 
It is a day to have fun and bring lessons to life.
Everything, all day long, is apple themed!

I requested donations for red, green, and yellow apples. I also requested vinegar, baking soda, cinnamon, and apple spice. That was I we needed.

First up on on fun filled Apple Day was reading articles and books comparing different types of apples. As they were reading, I passed out different apples for them to test taste. 
After reading and eating, they created an apple venn diagram poster (see pic below). The kids drew apples instead of circles. 

After, the students read articles and more books about apples and parts of an apple. 
We created another poster. This one described the parts of the apple. 

Our grand finally was our apple experiment. We reviewed the scientific method. We applied our knowledge to this brand new experiment. Check out the video below. I love the excitement in their voices.

What you need for the appleriffic experiment.

Baking soda
Apple Spice

Mix baking soda, cinnamon, apple spice in a cup. Cut a hole in the middle of the apple. Spoon in some the baking soda mix into the hole. Have the kids pour vinegar over the hole in the apple and watch the magic happen.

Part 2: Assessment

Who here HATES creating assessments? Add me to the list. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was one place that had a quiz for each standard? And the kids could easily take the quiz and I wouldn't have to grade any papers? Then results (including analyzed results) would automatically be there for me?

Guess what? There is a way to have ALL of this!!

Log onto Edmodo. You can search for Snapshot or it should be at the top of your screen. 

I promise that this will make your life easier. Bonus, the kids will WANT to take a test!

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